Let's have a little Halloween fun by kicking off a friendly Halloween Costume Contest!

Just post a photo of you and your horse in costume and who ever has the most comments about their photo is the winner!

To post your photo, reply to this topic and add your photo, you can include a few words to tell us about your horse and your costume.

On October 31st, the entries with the most comments about their photo will be announced as winners.  

There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.  In the event of a tie, PHW will vote to determine the winners.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners will be rewarded with FULL Bragging rights of their placement and will be featured as contest winners in our Halloween Costume Contest Results announcement.

Contest Rules:  Just one...all costume photos must be from this year! We've lifted this requirement for the first year, so everyone can join in on the fun.

Get in on the fun!  Post your photos, and let the contest begin!

Make sure to check out ALL THE PAGES, to view all entries before voting.

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Peruvian Seahorse with Mermaid


VERY CREATIVE COSTUME. i THINK THere where so many good ones that folks forgot to go back to the top and take a look again. good luck in the contest.

F-P Resuelto and Ann Rose at the Gil-Mar Stables Costume Parade 2012.


BR Montserrat and Hannah at the Jefferson, WI Classic Peruvian Show.


Very pretty horse & rider. I love this one! :-)

I love your costumes and you both look very happy! 

Submitted For:

Andrea V. del Solar & WF Fantasia

Halloween Costume Class in Monterey, California

Poor WF Fantasia, it was cold after the class and we had to give her a "very long" bath in the cold and she was shivering so badly. You could still see the stripes faintly for her classes the next day. Andrea and WF Fantasia had a blast! :)

This is her mom submitting this photo.

Gigi Perry


I love this!

Alright, If wade brill's pablo viento with bat wings isn't an entry. I vote for andrea and fantasia.

Amanda Speaker on a Push me Pull Me Peruvian at the Halloween with Horses in Parker CO.

The other horses were terrified of that extra head!



Wonderful,  this is really too funny! :-)

Holy Crap ! Now that is Creative Indeed ! LOL


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