For anyone interested in dsld/espa research, funding is needed by the U of GA in the amount of $2000. per month to continue the groundbreaking research into this disease.

Donations to U of GA research make check out to:
University of Georgia,
*notation on check
"Halper dsld/espa research fund #A912210".
Send to:
University of Georgia,
Dr. Halper,
142 Vet Med 1,
Athens, GA 30602-7388

I'm setting up a small monthly contribution sent directly from my checking account. I hope others will support the research.

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Attached is the appropriate form to use for monthly credit card / bank withdrawals.

I hope you know how very much I and so many, many others appreciate all you've done to bring this disease into the light of understanding. I hope to do some fundraising for this effort myself. As the biochemical, genetic and clinical research progresses, I'm sure we'll increase our understanding. One day, there will be answers.

Thanks again for your ongoing efforts,

Terry B
Thanks for the encouragement - Matthew 25:23 - the talents (horses, money, contacts) are God originated, my job is simply to use organize them wisely. Thank you for being a part of the God originated talent.


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