Good evening. I must preface this by saying that I am very much a novice in the breed. I lost the second of my two Peruvians in January at age 28. I never showed him, only rode him in two organized events, but he was very strong and sound when he died of colic at age 28. His name was Paraiso. His sire was Principe de la Solana, and I am very much convinced that his conformation was more like Peruvians of generations past. He was very stocky and compact - he always reminded me of the old Morgan horse conformation (which I had fallen in love with as a horse-crazy child). His gait was not as smooth as other Peruvians I have ridden, but I would take one like him in a minute over the more fine-boned mare I had (a Tondero daughter), who broke down early and was sore her whole life. (But in all fairness to her, when I got her I was REALLY a novice, and did not properly condition her - she might have been more if I had known how to bring her up to her potential.)

Just wanted to put that out there and see what others think. I am not a breeder, and certainly have no show perspective, but when I look for my next loyal and strong companion, I will be looking for one with similar conformation to Paraiso.

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Hi Judy! I had a daughter of Principe de La Solana...she too was more stocky in her build, much like her dam who was an old style northern mare. Principe was not a very big horse..I saw him in the flesh...and I rode him. He was very smooth and very fluid in his gait. Who was the dam of your horse....he looks very strong, and he had very good bone. Principe, by the way, also lived to age 28. He was strong too. If you are interested in getting another horse with the same stocky, and strong tough legs, you might visit the following website and see if anything catches your eye:

This farm has several very strong and very good old style horses that are already proven to be horses of longevity and endurance. It seems that the breed has strayed somewhat from the shorter tougher PP over the past 25 years or so, but those types of horses are now making a comeback, and thank goodness. The PP was originally bred for work, and they had to have strength and endurance. I, personally, am glad to see the trend back to good bone, strength, and longevity.

Nice to see you on this site. Welcome! Pam J
His dam was Francesca Dielamente, but that's all I know about her. Paraiso was not very tall, either, but I don't know if I ever measured him. He loved to GO, and would try to run out of his gait unless I kept him collected. By age 28 he was finally content to just walk, but would still run if I ever suggested it. He always left riding companions in the dust.

I did look at the Pleasant Valley Farms web page already, and I am really coveting Don Miguel! He reminds me so much of Paraiso. But I can't get another horse now - I have two daughters ages 2 and 6, and they take too much time. I just want to know what to look for when I am ready.

Thanks for the welcome! I miss my horse.
Hi Judy! I know what you mean about missing your horse....I still miss Cortesano+ terribly and he has been gone now for 8 years.....I also understand about having little ones....I remember the days well!! LOL!

Don Miguel is a wonderful horse.....the Burrell's are fortunate indeed, to have such a great stallion....he produces very strong foals. When the time is right for you maybe one of his offspring will be waiting for you...

Take care, Pam J

PS: If you go to and look on the tribute to senior horses page, you will see a couple of very nice pictures of Principe.

I have some of the old bloodline horses. All from Saddle Creek Ranch - my Jalapeno Rojo (Reverendo x *California) -
I also have Jalapeno's nephew - a stallion Romanico Dos SCR (Radiante de *California x Delicia de *Incognito) Radiante is now 24 and Delicia is now 27. BTW I have Romanico for sale
Do you have any current photos of Radiante and Delicia. Please email me privately.
Romanico is also lovely. His color is gorgeous. Looking at these pictures makes me very nostalgic. When I lived in Indiana I was within a couple hour's drive of several farms in southern Indiana. I feel rather isolated from Peruvians in Kansas.
Jalapeno is very nice! How old is he?
Thank you very much. Jalapeno Rojo is now 13. I bought him as a stallion at age 5 yrs 8 mos. He was gelded, but has a son, Habernero SCR who is in Aiken SC. Jal had 3 mos training with Paddy Korb Warner in Simi Valley.
Jal is Reverendo x *California
Hello All,
I posted some photos of "historic" horses in the breed. I searched for these old pictures from books and magazines because they are the ancestors of my two older horses, but it shows exactly what you are talking about. My two older horses (15 & 20) are the same, old fashoned type of horse. My 4 year old palomino has legs on her like a little deer. She is much more "narrow" then my other two. I admit it, I fell in love with her color. But give me a strong, stout, big boned Peruvian any day!
hi Michele,
I just posted a photo of *Incognito
Romanico Dos SCR Is an *Incognito grandson.
RADIANTE de *California X Delicia de *Incognito
Radiante is by Pincel x *California. Radiante is now 30.


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