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Hi all. I have had my PH since December. He came with his own head stall and Peruvian bit, which I have used for rides in the round pen and on trails. He responds well, but seems very uncomfortable in the bit. It's a 5" and seems too small for him, as is the headstall. So I bought a new head stall, which fits him well, and a 5 1/2" full-cheek snaffle bit. He is very responsive in this bit, but friends tell me it's terribly dangerous and not to use it except in the round pen. I'm going on an all-day trail ride THIS SATURDAY and now I don't know what to do. I can't get another Peruvian bit easily, and I'm thinking about a 5 1/2" Tom Thumb. Any advice? SOON PLEASE AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Karen
Hi Karen-

I just got off the phone with Cheryl Aldrich of Raintree Peruvian Horses & Tack. She said that if you reach her in time today, that she can ship a bit overnight. You can reach Cheryl at 817-594-1597.

Good Luck!

Please Help! I have a 7 year old PH mare. She is perfect in everyway except when riding in a large group. She goes crazy if I try to keep her in the middle or back of the group. She just has to be in front at all times. If she isn't, She will become very hard to handle, side steps, crow hops, attemps to throw me. She only does this in large groups of riders and is fine in smaller groups of 2 or 3. I have tried the "Leap Frog" thing, and have tried to slowly let her edge up to the front but nothing works. I don't mind riding in front but feel its rude to the other riders. Also I find that I end up pulling on the bit to keep her in control and don't want to hurt her mouth. Any suggestions will be much apprciated!!!!!

Are you riding with non-gaited horses? I find that my mare will be up front all the time if the other horses are not gaited. So, I just go ahead and continue the work I'm doing with her and take occasional breaks and stop to wait for them in the shade of a tree. My mare seems really happy for the small breaks. When I'm riding with other PH riders we usually stick together and take turns with who is leading. My little mare is so much faster than non-gaited horses it's difficult to stay behind unless your horse gets along so well with one of the other horses and you can stay behind one of them. When I ride my PH and my daughter rides our mustang who is so s l o w, sometimes we ride ahead and wait, sometimes because those two get along so well I put her behind the mustang and work with her on slowing down.

interesting comments Rhiannon... thanks.   I have similar issues with my mare.  Good to hear how others cope.

I have a 3 year old Peruvian named Bailey. He is just under the saddle and can carry a rider. But because he is still so young, I don't want to force him in any way. I have noticed that he trots a lot... because I have no experience in training a Paso, I really hope that someone can help me. I don't know what to do. Because his gait is stable.. do I have to let him trot? How do I learn him to do the Paso Llano? There is so little to find about the training of Peruvians that I become a little depressed about it. I already bought the dvd's of Benni Barto, who helped me a lot with other stuff but how to start a really "green" Peruvain from scratch.... ?????
I sincerely hope someone can give me some advice.

Best regards,

When you are riding, start at the slow flat walk, ask for your horse to speed up in the flat walk but use light rein pressure to stop him from changing into a trot. Remember to not release the rein pressure until you get the correct answer to what you are asking your horse to do. Are you familiar with the difference between the trot or the Paso Llano?

just know I'm afraid this race, anyone could help me figure out what kind of training do you require?

I see the advertisement for the free clinic on how to ride your peruvian correctly (in Texas??).  First of all, I live in Queensland Australia and have NO fellow peruvian enthusiasts, or even people with a peruvian horse within 2500 klms.  I have a pure filly (2yr old) and a yr old peruvian cross standardbred that has only been broken in last June/July.  I have only test ridden (had rides on) 3 or 4 pure peruvians, so my riding experience is limited (the peruvian way). 

While I am pretty much 'out there' in terms of no physical help, other than a few videos and books, I was wondering if a video would be produced from the above mentioned clinic for me to purchase.  I am doing the best I can to encourage my xbred to gait evenly, but I know it takes time, and I know she will never get the even 4 beat gait, as she is not confirmationally designed, but she's pretty smooth to ride.

However, my efforts with her, is my 'project' to  'get it right for my baby, when she is old enough.   Any help is appreciated.  Meanwhile I am taking my 7yr old out on trails and she is a beautiful natured animal - never nasty and is learning manners well in the groups. She is like a steam train and never seems to tire and I luv it when she gaits, albeit jumbled.  This is where I need to learn how to keep her at any one of them, at a reasonable length of time.  Is this something she will settle with herself, given time and riding?  Or is there things I can be doing to help her achieve this.


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