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In my ignorance I am pretty sure I have succeeded in "un-gaiting" my magnificent Peruvian. He now trots and I never could figure out how to ride him correctly, though some have tried to show me:( What should I do now. How do I find the right trainer in my area south of Chicago, IL? I'm beside myself ... this has been going on for years now ... ten to be exact. Thanks for anything at all. Sherri

I don't know if you can trailer to northeast Wisconsin, but we have an amazing natural horsemanship trainer coming Memorial weekend. (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) I met him 20ish years ago. I went to a clinic and was watching the clinician's roundpening video in the background. I asked it was a Peruvian horse. He said yes, how did I know. I said I have one at the clinic. Turns out he worked with hundreds of Peruvian horses when he was in Texas and his best Polo pony was a half Peruvian mare. He's an award winning Polo player, has had students on the Olympic equestrian team, teaches at the Spanish riding school in Vienna and is a spectacular trainer. His name is Richard Thompson. There will be 3 Peruvians at the clinic. Helping both you and your horse get balanced and gaiting will be no big deal. Carrie Weiss is handling the clinic 920-676-1016. It's just north of Green Bay.

Also, there will be a Peruvian drill team at Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI this coming weekend. We could talk more then of you are attending. Stalls 1217 to 1227 in Pavillion 2. Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI.


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