My 16 1/2 year old is a very healthy, easy keeper. I realize with his age that he may start to need some extra supplements. The only thing he gets now besides his grain, hay and pasture is Fluid Flex. ( I am not counting his favorite Apple Wafers or Nickermakers. He is ever so slightly spoiled! ) Anyway, he is totally sound and I would like to keep him that way. I am looking forward to many more years of happy trails with him. :-)

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Hi Debbie,
One thing outside of preserving joint health with suppliments was something that Dr Galante brought up at the clinic at his ranch a couple weeks ago. He mentioned the importance of protecting our horses legs by wrapping or using sport boots for trail riding or when extra stress is experienced because of work load. I have to say, this weekend we did a parade & was the first time I put SMB boots on my horses. They did outstandingly well. Monty usually will get windpuffs if worked for over an hour on hard pavement as in a parade. (we don't just walk, we paca paca most of they way in wide circles along the route) When I took the boot off, his legs were as clean as could be. Not a sign of strain or swelling. I am so very impressed with the performance of these sports boots. From now, I will use boots anytime I trailer or ride outside of the show ring.
Monty has a history of old injuries & hock arthritis. I have used most recently Absorbine Flex plus. It works very well. He has been totally sound since I started him on it 5 years ago. I recently ran across Majesties brand flex product which contains the same amounts of glucosamine, chondroitin, Yucca & MSM. It is fed in a biscuit form & is the most cost effective & easier to feed. You do have to be careful if you have an insulin resistant cresty horse & not give Glucosamine or small amounts as it is made from glucose.(words from my vet).
Thanks Cindy,
Yes, Obelisco also wears the SMB II boots. (rear only) They are wonderful. It is a hoot to watch him try to shake them off. I am afraid to wrap his legs for fear that I will do it wrong. They made it look so easy at that seminar. So far Lisco has no type of leg issues. (windpuffs, etc.) As you know or may remember, he has a lot of bone. I believe he inherited it from his sire, *JOR Augurio. That may contribute to his soundness. He has also been on some sort of glucosamine, chondroitin product since I bought him 6 years ago. His Vet recommended the Fluid Flex.
Debbie ;-)


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