I found this video clip of Coco Fernandez's dvd on YouTube and thought it deserved it's own discussion thread. Trimming the horses feet is so integral for their health. I think every PH owner should have this dvd in their library to share with their farrier.

I own this dvd, titled Peruvian Paso Hoof Care by Coco Fernandez and highly recommend it to all Peruvian Horse owners. I hope you enjoy the video clip:

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Coco has been our farrier now for about 18 years and of course we have had problems with horses through these years....we have never had a problem with our horses hooves and I credit him and his knowledge of the peruvian horse.
I just reread this post of mine...
that was really silly of me saying that we have NEVER had hoof problems...
I meant to say we have very few problems with coco's being our farrier.
I was having horrible problems with my farrier. I had lameness issues in perfectly healthy horses. It was all in the trimming. I was panicked. I found a new farrier, but was worried he wouldn't know what to do with my horses. Coco Fernandez looked at photos of all my horses and gave my new farrier detailed instructions.

I also own his DVD. It is a MUST for anyone owning Peruvian horses. I gave it to my new farrier to watch along with the instructions from Coco. My lameness issues are finally gone.

If you do one thing for your horses, buy his DVD and have your farrier watch it. I had to live with the guilt of knowing my ignorance and trust in an supposed expert caused my horses pain. I trusted my former farrier to know what she was doing. Well... she didn't. We owe it to our horses to know!

They cannot have heals too short or heals that are underslung. They cannot have long toes. If they do, you can cause injuries to their tendons and ligaments. And if you don't catch it soon enough, you can do permanent damage! I was lucky enough to catch it in time. All thanks to Coco Fernandez!
Warmest Regards,
You are lucky to have Coco as your farrier. I, at least, have a farrier very interested in watching the dvd, which arrived (though I haven't watched it yet). Re: never having hoof problems ... well, we all should be so lucky. Although they are our wonderful Peruvians, they ARE horses! And as my horse friends assure me - problems of all sorts come with the territory... but we wouldn't live without them.


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