I am currently transitioning to barefoot.  I am interested in hearing from others who ride barefoot in the Sierra's....very rough terraine.  If you use boots, which brands have you tried?  I currently use easyboot epic on the front.  My goal is to go without boots.  I am especially interested in Renegades.

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I ride my Peruvian barefoot, but will be putting boots on the front when we get into the granite .I rode my thoroughbred gelding barefoot with boots in the front all over the high sierras.The only time I put the boots on was when we were climbing on the granite,it helped with the traction. I'm interested in the renegades as well .

http://www.b4boots.com/index.html I don't ride in the sierras, but do ride the up and down terrain of the Appalachian foothills from rock to muck. Bonnie's boots are a bit wider than some of the other brands and stay on well. She has CA customers.

I ride my peruvian barefoot but have easyboot gloves that I will put on him when needed.  The renegades don't fit. 

http://youtu.be/V2ZofRxB1bU Here is a video about barefoot, just in case anyone is new to going natural

As a barehoof professional the only boots I recommend for Peruvians is a boot that does not go above the hoof hairline. What happens in boots that go above the hairline is because of the flexable movement of their pasterns and fetlocks those types of boots rub them wrong. I use easyboot gloves for my mare and she does great in them, but because the gloves must fit very tightly I keep her hooves trimmed every two to three weeks.


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