I own 2 TWH (born here in Israelfrom mares brought over from the States) and recently  and bred my tennuvian with a registered PP. The result is a beautiful PP foal (the peruvian gene is so dominant in his appearance  and gait) Just love the PP horse. I want a registered pure PP of my own... there are not any of quality here in Israel. Does anyone know of breeders from Europe? Maybe Germany or England? The shipping costs would be much cheaper to bring one from Europe. Tanks for any advice...


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http://www.schlossnienover.com Dr. Mireille Van Meer has one of the larger, better herds of Peruvians in Germany. http://www.csppc.net/peruvian-paso-horse-articles/us-bred-peruvian-...

In the US and Peru, David Burrell, has gathered some of the longer living sound Peruvians. http://www.pvfequine.com/ a couple which were sent to Germany mentioned in the article above.

Hi Susan

Thanks for the prompt and helpful info! I will try and contact the website (it is only in german!) but the pix are certainly impressive.  I have such lovely pix of my 2 year old in my cellphone, have to get my kids to show me how to download to the computer so I can post them.

All the best, and thanks again, Lisa

I just love anything to do with Peruvian Pasos...


You should have a translation feature somewhere.... certainly google has one


Jut copy and past the url in the box and the translated url will appear to the right.... click to see the translated webpage.

Good morning susan!

Thank you so much for your helpful information, never too old to learn new tricks.

There is a beautiful black stallion for sale here, but he has been busy breeding  and I m afraid that he will be too hot for me even though I will have him gelded (they say a horse that has been breeding will retain his "male" behaviors. He is 6 but so beautiful. I am almost 50 and have had many accidents in my riding career-broken kneecap, arm in 3 places, ankles' fingers etc... I don't get up as fast as Iused to (if I get up at all!)haha

anyway, we are checking it out, what do you think?

Menwhile, my PP is just starting  out now, and I probably won't ride him for several long months. But he seems quiet in his disposition.

He is not 100% PP (almost-registered father, mother 3\4) but he looks soooo Peruvian. In your opinion, do these horses move and carry themselves like a peruvian? He does have termino, short nck and round body with tapered legs and delicate hooves. I will try and send pics asap.

Tell me some of your PP experiences, don't have too many people to share stories with here about this wonderful horse!
all the best, Lisa Potash


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