I could not figure out how to comment on what Jean had posted. Having a beautiful chocolate Palomino that I sold to a wonderful couple being diagnosed with DSLD was quite a shock and getting an upset call from the owners was no fun either. Long story short , it turned out to be Lyme's disease and the horse is still doing well years later after treatment for Lymes. So do not lose hope too fast.

The problem this illustrates is the willingness of the Veterinary community to quickly diagnose any Peruvian horse lameness as DSLD. This became a big problem with the Association endorsing the false DSLD protocal which was then presented at the national vet. meeting years ago.

Since Mr. Austin has replied to this topic I would appreciate hearing the Association position on this topic. Also why the Association continues to not publish the DSLD Misdiagnosis report.

The" Misdiagnosis of DSLD Report" can be read at this link;


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Johnnie, great to hear from you. Hope all is going well. Keep up the good fight.



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