So difficult to find a PP experienced trail horse for sale. Can't seem to convince Jody to give up Junior! (ha). Many advertised for sale as trail horses, when explored further,  really DON"T have the trail miles put on them. At my age, I want a been there done that. But they are hard to find!


Still looking,



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I went through the exact same issue. I bought 3 geldings. I felt they were trail worthy after spending 2 hours riding them. I brought them home and it was a train wreck. I ended up hurt, my niece was hurt and I was really mad! Come to find out there trail experience was not trail at all but pasture work. Those 3 went back to the owner and it took me 5 more years to find my 2 trail worthy mares. They are the best and I will never go back to a stock horse again.

It may become increasingly difficult. The number of Peruvian horses being bred is way down, very likely not enough to sustain the current aging population. Less breeding, less training, less sales, the Peruvian horse industry in the U.S. is in dire straits.

Very sad for this noble breed.

We have 3 of that exact horse right now... 2 were rescues. Sometimes the best horses turn up in the worst situations. Both are older - 18 and 19 years old. One is metabolic and needs to get specific supplements every day. The other gets about 5# daily of Senior feed or he'll lose weight. Both get an anti-inflammatory pill each day. So... they are both considered "special needs" horses. Not everyone wants to put in the time, effort or expense to keep a horse like that... But here's what I got in return for the effort.

2 amazing horses that I can put children, nonriders, frightened riders, elderly riders on OR good riders looking for a great ride. Each of these horses keys into the riders experience level and can be quiet and careful OR preform in front of thousands of people at Midwest Horse Fair! Both are wonderful trail horses that can be ridden or ponied depending on the situation. Please consider looking at rescue horses. You might find jems!


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