As some of you know I presently live in Malaysia and likely will end my days here as my husband and I love the country and the culture. However although we have three horses presently and I run a small private stable here, there are NO Peruvian horses in Malaysia or Singapore.

I would love to introduce the breed to the population but the price of exporting a horse from either the US or Peru and importing here is astronomical and way out of my league. I have even considered an embryo transplant and managed to get the government equine university interested but the price of that too is out of my reach. And of course, most people here (and I would say all people but that might be a bit unfair) have NO idea what a Peruvian horse is. Consequently until they see one they have really no interest. However as the general population is quite small in stature, the smaller Peruvian would be ideal and once they are introduced to that smooooooth gait I am sure they would fall in love with the breed. There is a flourishing equine community here consisting of both local people and a smaller percentage of ex-patriates.

I know that I shall wish for a Peruvian to cross the seas and arrive here to my dying day, but unless we can figure out a way get the first one here it may be that I will never see the day. Marna and I have joked that we should put water wings on a horse and send it on its way. Or teach it row a boat. LOL.

If anyone knows a way around the exorbitant cost of trying to get a Peruvian here I would welcome any and all suggestions. Meanwhile I dream.

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Hi Olga, hopefully I can help with your problem. I know what you mean about the cost of transport having gone crazy and imported 3 Peruvian Horses from USA to New Zealand (2 mares and 1 stallion) At the time I got mine it was US$11,500 (aprox NZ$22,000) each for quarantine and transport - ouch!!
I have bred 3 more so now have 6 purebreds. You can see them on my page. The Palomino filly is for sale and maybe also the buckskin filly depending what her mum produces this season. There is also a nice bay colt available for sale in NZ. All our stock here are regd either with NAPHA or Canada. There are also some in Aus but not many of them are regd.

There is a transport company - based in NZ - called Sea Horse. They transport, by sea, horses between NZ Aus and also, I think, Malasia. Last time I enquired (it was a while ago) it was, I think, about NZ$5,000? from Aus to NZ. With the exchange rate possibly in your favour as well it could maybe be more affordable?? If flying is what you want then IRT is the company I dealt with.

Either way, it shouldn't be nearly as much, as quarantine is a lot of the cost and NZ doesn't have most of the nasty diseases that require the lengthy quarantine (5 weeks to import from USA). I know at the same time I got mine it was only NZ$7,000 to send a horse to USA.

I hope this helps and do keep in touch, I would love to hear how you go.

Kindest regards,
Heather Batkin.
Thanks Heather. The possibility of acquiring a Peruvian from NZ is something I had not considered. I appreciate the information and will do some research. Do you know how long the sea voyage is from NZ to Malaysia?

I am off to google Sea Horse transport.


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