Today I watched a high level dressage instructor give a lesson to a young rider. It was beautiful. I spoke to her about dressage and the gaited horse.  She rides only Spanish horses. She met my horse a year ago, and raved about his beautiful conformation. She said that recently, she was invited to judge a gaited dressage show.  4 shows later, she is totally enjoying the dynamics of the gaited horse and dressage. I would like to try this discipline with my horse. Does anyone know of a book on dressage and the gaited horse, so I could get a bit of understanding before starting in the saddle.  Thanks.

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There is a book,  Classical Training for Paso Gaited Horses and Their Riders  by Gwyneth I McPherson & Elizabeth S Creamer.  View Publishing Group Inc P.O. Box 102  Bridgton, Maine 04009-0102  copyright 1995

Also you may want to just do a search for Classical Dressage Training for the Gaited Horse. I have taken a few lessons for Classical Dressage on my gaited horse & found it not fruitful. You will need someone that has knowledge &/or rides the gaited horse. Most instructors are on trotting horses & working on the diagonal. Taking riding lessons & then applying to your horse at home may be another answer.

There is actually a Gaited Dressage Association. Keep us posted on your progress.


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