After owning my beautiful Peruvian Mare for 10 yrs, I was forced to sell her.  Her new owner had been my shareboarder and is a wonderful person.  This is her first Peruvian.  She has been taking lessons from a all gaited breds, natural horsemanship instructor.  She's trying to get my horse (ex)

to tuck her chin, drop her rearend, engage and drive.  Is that even possible ?  I wasn't happy with her new curb bit either.  I really like the new "mommy"  but am I being upset for nothing ?

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Hi Karen-

In order to collect and engage the horse's rear end, you want the horse to shorten its frame, raise the topline, drop the rear, engage and drive from the rear end. You do want the horse's neck raised, head set flexed, but not overbent, at the poll, nose tucked in, but not dropping behind the vertical.

Traditional Peruvian training in bozal and Peruvian bit helps encourage proper head set. You don't want the horse to "star gaze" with its nose up in the air and a hollow back.

The goal is to have a horse that is light in the front end, and uses its rear end to propel itself forward. Conformation and angles also play a part in how much impulsion the horse has.

It sounds like this may be what the instructor is trying to accomplish, but it is hard to tell from a written description. Do you have any photos of the mare being ridden?

Hope this helps...

Laura Mesia
Thank you Laura,
I'm not sure (computer idiot) you'll get this. Go to youtube "lindayou2be" for some not too good video's of Sonrisa last summer.


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