I've only rode a couple of Peruvians in the past. The last one this weekend and both were so smooth in their Paso Llano. At one ranch, the owner was kind enough to give me a mini lesson on her stallion. What a rush! He was so smooth. She also showed me how to hold the reins, collection etc which was way different advice than I had been given in the past for riding "gaited horses." So I couldn't wait to come home and get on my Peruvian trail horse which I had allowed to get lazy by walking on the trail a lot, head down and very little gaiting. He does get very smooth when going up hills. So I took him in the arena and rode like I did the stallion. He was very willing and forward (new change to me) but not as smooth. He was step pacing which I know is one of their gaits, but how do I get him to do the paso llano that smooth? Up a hill, he's beautiful but flat surfaces not as smooth. Not like the stallion I rode. Amante is 20 and he is in the best shape he's been in for a long time. We ride at least 4 days a week. The owner of the stallion I rode gave me great advice. She said if we want to just walk on the trail that's fine but she always makes them gait the first and last 15 minutes. I know he was shown in Performance classes in the mid 90's so he must have gaited correct back then. Any tips in getting that smooth gait back? Or are some just not as smooth as others? I have seen riders on Peruvians "bounce" more on some than others. Does his age come into play? Thanks so much for any advice. I just want a snooth horse...same one that goes up hills.

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NEVERMIND!!! I did it. I figured out his gears and I got it! I am beyond happy! Walking in cloud 9!

i read your first question thinking "great, i need to read the answer" ... i am having trouble collecting my gelding. i know it's me and not him, he has show quality movement and the envy of my peruvian horse friend. i just trail  ride him but i'd sure like to gait when i want and not "trot". any advice?


Hi....we were first time buyers many years ago and I think we received very good knowledge of this breed and what they were bred for...why?  the gait....what they wanted as a gait.  we now have had generations born on the ranch and we still want them to be bred - trained - to be the best gaited horse we can produce.  but, this is what I learned and it also applies to any other animal... we have had dogs for many years and if I let up on their commands and stop my training they will fall back into behavior I taught them not to do...we have naturally gaited horses but they need to be trained to be comfortable in that gait and collected.  Your horse is probably not working off his rear and the only thing I can suggest is start walking with a collection... keep the horse like he should be in full gait but only walked and start getting him to work off his rear in the walk.  I will also ask our trainer today to suggest some other things you can do... also there are videos you can buy that may help...maybe at the napha website...good luck Joy Redman


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