Ok not so new to breed, however I am new to the purebred.  I have a 10 year old Tennuvian gelding named Danny he is about 15.1 almost 15.2hh, and I just aquired a cute Peruvian filly, 2.5 years old about 14.1 almost 14.2hh I am naming Lyra.  They are both buckskins.

  Here is my concern, Lyra, my new filly mostly exibits a trot, however at higher speeds (when ponied from Danny) she starts into a gait, almost No termino.  What I am wondering is does foot angle effect peruvians as much as others?  She is in need of hoof care, and is getting that today...I have no clue what is hiding under those feet as of yet, but I will get a good look when I trim today...

Any insight is helpful, Danny has club feet on front, and fairly normal on hinds, Lyra will be a study in getting her feet correct.

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Thankyou.  Got her feet done today, just followed the foot map, and wow what a difference, her step was mych better...more comfy, less inhibited...She has an appointment in 3 weeks for a touch up...

Hi Renee.  Welcome to Peruvians!  They are a great breed--very addicting.  Was wondering if you plan to post any photos of your horses--buckskin is a great color--would love to see yours!


Well I have learned a lot about my girls liniage this weekend, 



It is not known yet about the paperwork on her, but at least now I know her lines.

Here is a decent photo of her, her coat is chewed up from another horse, and an ill fitted blanket from previous home.



Hi Renee, she is beautiful!  Love the Buckskins!  Enjoy!

Thankyou, she is a doll, currently in a growth spurt....i like her a lot, she has a great personality, and is learning easilly... her color, is just a bonus.


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