For many years, I have thought it would be wonderful if the registries would allow us to register the offspring resulting from imported semen.  This would be a way to access the entire genetic pool of existing Peruvian Paso stallions that exist worldwide.

Originally, I thought it was importation rules between countries, but when I started researching further, found that there are no importation laws that would prevent this.

It is the breed registries that do not currently have any bylaws/rules in place to address this.  NAPHA regulations state that the stallion would have to be imported to US soil and registered with NAPHA as a breeding stallion, then the resulting offspring would be eligible for registration.


Other big breeds allow for the import/export of shipped semen, I am not sure why a breed with such a limited gene pool as the Peruvian Horse does not allow for this.

Do you think an agreement between registries that would allow for the registration of offspring resulting from imported shipped semen would be beneficial to the Peruvian Horse breed?

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I could not agree more.  Years ago when I was in the board of the AAOBBPPH, I was in contact with the ANCPCPP and we hinted at this subject and how great it would actually be to establish a semen bank.  I think technology and renewed enthusiasm can make it possible.  Without a doubt it would be of great benefit to all breeders.

-JuanBosco Sandigo

Oh wouldn't that be a wonderful option!  


Great topic!!

We down here in Australia and New Zealand have been talking about importing semen for some time.  However, there ARE Biosecurity Laws for both our countries which require quarantine time etc.  

It would be great if some breeders would ask their vets about this before collection and perhaps consider doing this for the limited gene pool down here.  It is VERY expensive to import new stock, at the moment around $16,500 per horse + purchase, vet fees, other transport - and for NZ there's the exchange rate which swings between .50/$1US to .80/$1US.  By the time we get a horse home there's no change from $30k.  

You can get a fabulous horse for $30k, but not when most of that cost is transport, lol.  This is where A.I would help us enormously.  Your collection facilities should know how to find the NZ & Aus rules.  If collection is done in compliance with the harder one of the 2 then it should work for the other.  Also if it complies with us then it should be good for any other country in the world.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Heather Batkin

I think this is a great idea. It would certainly enrich our blood lines and maybe help to breed out DSLD in our horses. Having been to Peru twice now and seen some of their great stallions it is an idea whos time has come. 

Sadly, from what i've heard, we in Australia and New Zealand can NOT import semen from Peru - something to do with Biosecurity... so we will be limited to USA/Canada semen only :(

Seems to be a no brainer.  Isn't there a breeders meeting after the national show in Peru?  Seems the best course of action would be to contact a RAC member to get it on the agenda for the NAPHA national meeting.  Maybe just authorizing someone that is going to the show in Peru to begin discussions with Peruvian breeders and possiblly European breeders as well.  Probably some research thru USEF would be useful.  I'm sure they know all about international seamen shipments.  If I remember correctly, NAPHA is an associate member of USEF.

I would love to see the gene pool be opened! That would be very helpful in diversifying our horses so that competitions are also that much more exciting! also it would help to create better relationships among the diff. countries breeders. Being a "small breed" I think it would do wonders!

what exactly do you mean Lisa by opening the gene pool and 'diversify' the horses to make competition more exciting? 

mostly when i go to shows is when i get to see all the different stallions that are in the area. and if we are able to get different genes from other areas of the world you can see those different blood lines at the shows and get to see how offspring of horses move and act, the different body types, the gaits, ect. =)

It should be brought up to the NAPHA and encouraged!

Think that is awesome! But we have strict laws for importing semen into Australia, we can't import semen from Peru. Possibility from Europe, US and Canada. But a lot of the stock a highly related to each other... or from the same sire line..... Really need to go search for rare genetic's in peru......

I think a better thing would be add some outside blood by permitting breeding to other breeds with a studbook for partbloods, when they reach 3/4 or 7/8  purebred, they could be inspected and given full blood status. This gives a reason for people to register partbloods (an asset to the registries as added income) and may help prevent genetic problems that crop up in small gene pools.


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