Forgive me if I shouldn't be posting a link.   I found an interesting article on Peruvian gaits.   I thought there were only 4.   Are these basically the same gaits but just extensions of the 4 basics?   Please explain.   Thanks

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I believe they are different and descriptions of the various executions of gait along a scale from pace to trot. The largest differences between the different descriptions is in the timing of the footfalls and the overreach. As can be seen in the difference of the pace,sobreandando and paso llano gateado or companero , picado and pasitrote.

The paso llano companero and the paso llano golpeado should have the same basic footfall timing and possible the same overreach but the golpeado has a high hock action. And the menudeado has little front action and extension.So more of a difference in the style of the execution of the gait than in timing.


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