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I'm not new to horses, and currently have two horses, but have never really considered a gaited breed until recently. I had ridden a Peruvian Paso once as a kid and loved it, but have since ridden other gaited breeds (including PFs which I mistakenly thought were very similar) and didn't really care for the rhythm/way of going of the other gaited breeds I had ridden. I do have a knee problem from an auto accident I was in when I was younger and have problems riding horses, but I always have found ways to deal with the knee problem.

The owner of the stable where I now board my horses has Peruvian Pasos and two other gaited horses (1 paso fino, 1 TWH). She's an older woman with hip problems so can't ride trotting horses. Being somewhat adept at training, she asked me to work with some of her horses that needed to be refreshed in their training before she put them up for sale, the TWH, the Paso Fino and the Peruvians.

I could not believe how smooth the Peruvians were! They blew away the other gaited horses I have ridden and reminded me of that first Peruvian gelding I rode as a kid. I had no problem adapting to their gait (actually, it was very hard to start riding my horses again, lol) and riding them did not aggravate my knee. And I just love their temperament :)

I have found a new favorite breed!


I would like to learn all I can about the breed.

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Anch'io mi sono avvicinata da poco a questa bellissma razza. i piacerebbe aere dlle informazioni su tipo di addestramento, cosa si può fare con qesto splendido amico, mi potete dare dei consigli???? grazie a tutti
Hi Emilia, sorry I do not understand your language. What language are you speaking? I can't translate it using the Spanish to English translator.
I think it is Italian  Kym

Welcome to PHW Kym you'll enjoy this site and all the folks here and if like me get to drool over everyone's pictures and learn a lot.

I really enjoy this site and friendly  people.

We have 2 Peruvian Paso a 20 year old mare Her name is Osadia

a 2 1/2 year old Gelding .He won't get saddle trained ?started undersaddle until probably 5 .

but he is in training daily for every day things and trying to be sure he gets some of the things he may have to know and be use to out on a he gets walked on lead alot and he likes water already and plays inthe mud puddles and splashes like a kid.Not really jumpy but curious.

I can't ride a horse that jogs or a hard trot either.bad knees etc and find it harder now to ride a normal gaited horse as well.I like My Peruvians period.

A few other gaited type breeds I would like to try for fun but will always have Peruvians now for riding.

Welcome to PHW





Emilia, I used an Italian translator for your post and I got this; "I too would like to say that i am accosted by a little to this beautiful race. i would like to partake of information on type of training, what can i do with this wonderful friend, i can be to give advice???? Thanks to all"

So I understand you are asking about the training and use of the Peruvian Paso?

Yes, ok. the traslation is ok. My friend Giory has two peruvian horses. I don't now this race and i don't  now the type of training and i don't now the temperament .

I like so much this race but i need more information regarding training.



I'm new to the breed myself Emilia. I'm asking similar questions about training, so maybe answers will come forth for both of us :)


As to the temperament, I have found them very amiable and spirited. They try their very best to please. The three horses I had the pleasure of riding and working with were all energetic and spirited, but not spooky or nervous, unlike the Arab horses I've worked with, ha ha. They were calm, but they were not at all dull. They possess a fire and brilliance about them while remaining flexible and obedient to the rider's cues. Their spirit can be intimidating, my children who were use to my horses were apprehensive about riding them at first because of their fiery presence, but they finally rode one and figured out that they weren't "mean horses" ;) 


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