My PP mare who is 9, has just been diagnoised with DSLD.  :(


My vet recommended Jiaogulan and AAKG, does anyone have experience using that and if so, what is your experience, AND what exactly are those herbs used for?


Finally, does anyone recommend anything else to help out DSLD besides the herbs?


Currently I use the herbs and support boots when she is out walking, She is on stall rest and some light walking, no major activity anymore until she is sound.


Thanks for your input!



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"The AAKG is "food" for all nitric oxide generating systems. The
reason for the Jiaogulan is to activate the beneficial eNOS system
in the endothelial cells lining the blood vessels (this results in
vasodilation and release of growth factors which stimulate tissue
repair and growth of capillary beds) while at the same time
suppressing the activity of iNOS which is an inflammatory pathway.

The nutritional supplements that target pathways producing nitric 
oxide from arginine,...feed the pathways indiscriminately. That's why I always
them with herbs shown to suppress the "i" = inflammatory enzyme
sysetms but support the endothelial ones. Jiaogulan is the most
potent herb for doing this, and often gets the job done on its own,
with no other supplementation, at a cost of literally pennies a day....."

as written by E Kellon, dvm

I think it is the best possible remedy for DSLD. Ever since I put my mare on it she got better and better and now is standing on 4 legs again, walking sound and appears free of pain. What more can you ask for?


My mare has had free roaming, no stall rest which makes it worse. I do keep her separated though, unless you know of a calm, laid back companion for your horse.


Best of luck!

Where can I buy these herbs ?

Dear Sharee,


I am glad that your vet suggested you try these Jiaogulan is an herb AAKG is an amino acid.

The work at a cellular level together.


Have a friend used it on her horse and it is amazing what she and her horse are doing now.

Like nothing was ever wrong with her


We rescued a mare with severe injuries and arthritis

and pregnant too we were allowed to use it for her and it didn't hard the baby we couldn't use full dosage but she made it though  the pregnancy and we continued it's use for her bad arthritis


She didn't have DSLD but just mistreated and neglected.and injuries


The anwer to how it really works is below my response and more technical but My husband and I and our Vet think it is a very good thing


Pray daily they find a cure or treatment to reverse this aweful condition.

Think Science is getting closer.


Good luck with your girl.









Good LUck

we buy ours at Herb -n

don't find it overly expensive the AAKG is more but have name of someone to buy that from by the pound if you would like that address I will send it to you .




the Jiaogulan helps for the pain in joints and muscles  the AAKG helps the tendons and ligaments heal from a cellular depth

I like

Anyway that's what I was told and Iwe had it for a mare that had suspensory ligamant inhuries very badly it was amzing




I have a gelding recently diagnoisted with DSLD. I am treating him with anti-inflammatory meds but have been reading about  the Jiaogulan and AAKG. My vet read up on them and doesn't think it will be of use to my horse. I on the other hand am willing to try anything to keep him on all fours for as many years as possible. I have tried to find the web site Herb-n but can't find it. Where do you get your herbs and what is the dosage? I know I am replying to an old post so can anyone help me with the herbs???????? 

How do you feel about the combined herbs and stall wraps?

we rescued a mare

and put her on Jiaogulan for her arthritis

she didn't have dsld

but had been well lets say not treated with much kindness

and it was amazing how much the herb helped her arthritic body she moved like a kid again after a couple months

great anti inflammatory  seemed to heal or help  at a deep level

Where to get these herbs

How do you administer the Jiagulan?  I use Chinese herbs in my clinic (for people) and am a new Peruvian Paso owner.  My mare has an inflamed left foreleg that I can't seem to get better.  I have Jiaogulan in my clinic.....but am wondering about method of administration and dosage.  Can anyone help?

Barbara, the jiaogulan and AAKG can be administered by syringe into the mouth or by top dressing feed. Join for the most up to date info.

I give my mild dsld mare just the Jiaogulan powder. She gets a half scoop of low carb lmf pellets which I add a little water and mix in the Jiaogulan with that, she gobbles it up.

I offer my mild dsld mare free roaming space. The more they move, the more circulation for repair.Also, because hers is mild I do light riding with her three times a week for less than an hour for each ride and the excercise reduces her swelling. If you can't ride the horse then hand walking the horse would also benefit. No tight circling or lunging for dsld horses. Also hoof trims are important, I leave the heels a little bit taller than I would for a non dsld horse and back up the break-over (front of toes) and keep them trimmed every four to six weeks to keep the break-over backed up regularly. Jiaogulan is awesome and I personally take it for myself as well as it has so many good qualities for both horse and human. I also use Emu Oil instead of liniment as I've found most liniments burn the skin where Emu Oil soothes the skin and works like dmso, it relieves pain and reduces swelling also promotes internal healing.


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