well my yearling has some long fetlocks in the front and someone mentioned on a forum that i should watch for that. what am i watching for? pain lameness. he seems fine now but i want the best care for him as his mom was in awful shape during and after pregnancy. i bought her when he was 2 months and brought her back to health but i think damage was done for him, he has crooked legs pigion toed. any thoughts

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Your ferrier should be yours & your horse's best friend. I personally found out what mine could do to correct a severe injury my mare had involving trauma laminitis & torn tendon sheath. His corrective work saved her life. 8 months later she is sound & well on her way to recovery. Her rear pasterns were at almost a 90 degree angle after the injury & after a period of time in shoes & rest, she has correct & upright angles. Go to the forum page & type in Coco in the search box. Michele posted a gread clip of Coco Fernandez' video on proper trimming of the Peruvian hoof. There are some great comments as well.
A correctly trimmed & balanced hoof with appropriate heel & toe makes a world of difference whether long or short pasterns. It will go a long way in preserving the health & function of any horse.
Hope this helps.


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