I am looking for a Peruvian for pleasure riding only. I am a single mom and looking for something for me to be able to trail ride and my 9 year old daughter to get started on. Just trying to find something healthy and sound with a good personality. Price range is 3-4k. Please contact me if you have something available.

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Hi Kelly-

Has anyone contacted you with potential horses for you yet?  Are you still looking for a horse, or have you found one?



No responses unfortunately. I've contacted quite a few breeders but everything is either young and untrained or way out of my price range.

Hey kelly if your still interested a friend of mine has a beautiful black stallion with bloodlines from cayalti peru super smooth anyone can ride him including your kid very noble and tons of brio . You can contact him personaly his name is pablo(954) 895-4952

Contact me: Frank - 208-678-7048

If your still looking I we have Peruvian made fore sale on craigslist on Fayetteville, Arkansas listing. Bailarina Mariposa. 

David n Melody Tapprich. Videos available on you tube under Melody Tapprich. 

We Peruvian horses for sale.

Frank Peterson (208)670-4370


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