Is there currently an election going on for the NAPHA BOD?

I cannot get the NAPHA office to answer an email about it.

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My daughter and I were talking about it 3 or 4 weeks ago... I'm guessing it's done by now.

Yes, voting ends December 4th. It was extended a couple of weeks due to some ballots getting lost in the mail. Please contact me with any questions.

I emailed the NAPHA office on November 19th to ask about the elections and if they were ongoing to send me the information. No reply. This information should have been mailed to all members, why is it not? Here is my question if I paid the membership fee why do I not get membership benefits? And if membership benefits are not provided I would expect a refund.

Please advise what will be done to remedy this situation?

All owner members were sent a ballot. I will check with Arlynda.

I would like to thank Danell Adams and Chris Austin for going above and beyond in successfully resolving the ballot problem.


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