New NAPHA web site. Should the home page photo promote several ranches?

The NAPHA home page has several ranch banners shown prominently in one of the photos displayed there. Should those ranch banners be shown?

I believe not. It is giving those ranches promotion on the NAPHA home page. It is unfair to all other ranches and could be seen as an endorsement by the NAPHA of those ranches. The ranch banners should be removed from that photo on the home page.

What does everyone think?

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Yes, the barrida photo. It definitely is a promotion of the ranches with a banner shown there. The NAPHA must be fair to all and not be promoting any entity over another. Take the example of TV and movie product placement in their programs. They make it appear as just part of the show but it is definitely placed to promote the product that appears. The same is happening here but without the ranches having had to pay for the placement of the banner.

I ask, would it be ok for someone to submit photos to the NAPHA web site(as requested here in PHW) and include a ranch banner or sign in the photo or watermark on the photo promoting their business.

If the answer is that is not acceptable, please give your reason why not. And why it is acceptable in the current barrida photo and then not in another.

On the topic you mention, "We have bigger fish to fry than this." will you please enlighten us on what are the important topics?


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