I have an 11yr. old Peruvian gelding that was gelded when he was 5 yrs. old and still acts like a stallion.   He is very cresty and overweight, I think.  I would like any opinions on his current condition.  I am attaching some photos of him.  Please let me know what you think....... 

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Ride ride ride....it is the only thing that works. My fatty won't keep a grazing muzzle on and is alpha so takes everybody else's food. The only thing that works is to ride ride ride. Up and down hills when possible. Be sure to use a slow process to get him back into shape. Mine was gelded at 3.
Thank you, Rebecca for your input. I haven't been riding but he has a big pasture with hills that he and my donkey run up and down, but I guess that is not enough. He was starved at one point in his life before I got him and he seems to think he still will be, even though for the last 6yrs. that I've had him ,he's never missed a meal. I really do not think I could keep a grazing muzzle on him, as he even hates a fly mask.
Oh yes- we have hills too. At least it keeps him from being a total fatty. But riding him is all I've found that keeps him in shape. I suppose you could get a used horse walker and put him on that for a few hours a day.
Hi everyone, Has anyone tried D-Carb, metabolism support on heavy weight Peruvians? If so, how did it work and how long did it take to work?
Less calories, more exercise is the the best way to lose weight. There is no magic equine diet pill.

If his diet is deficient in magnesium, a teaspoon per day may help. Too much magnesium and it will be eliminated from the body in loose stool.

The equine cushings group has suggestions for diet and an herbal remedy or two. Lots of info in the files.
and you may want to get him checked for IR/cushings

If paco is rideable and you aren't able, perhaps someone in the neighborhood would enjoy a ride a couple times a week.
Thanks, Susan

I read somewhere that one of the best ways to get a horse to loose weight is to get them to go at a steady trot for a certain amoung of time a day, Not sure if it works as I have never had an overweight horse.

Maybe lunging as well might work?


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