The NAPHA home page is not representing the true Peruvian horse. Two of the horses shown prominently are not in a lateral gait, one is trotting and one galloping.

Why does the NAPHA disregard the the signature characteristic of the Peruvian horse, the lateral gait in its' various desired forms. From the walk progressing up to the pace it is mostly not shown, instead the world is shown a trot and a gallop.

Everyone here should request the NAPHA replace those photos with photos showing the treasured Peruvian horse lateral gait.

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We are working on updating the photos on the home page. They will be rotated in and out as events, etc. are taking place to represent the Peruvian Horse.  NAPHA is not disregarding the Paso Llano. They have requested that the photo be updated, and it is going to be replaced.  The new site is a work in progress, and it will evolve and only continue to improve.  Thank you for your comments and your patience as we work to make the site the best it can be.

The new site should have been reviewed before going public and the photos now being requested to be replaced should never have been displayed. It appears the NAPHA acknowledges the photos are not appropiate. I hope they will be replaced quickly.

Replacing the photos is a very simple job. With the Wordpress Hotec theme being used it is very easy to just drop in a new photo. Crop and resize the photo, upload it, change the link to the photo in the theme, maybe a 5 minute job.

How long do you estimate before the replacement is completed?

I am not sure why you say that the Paso Llano is "mostly missing" when it is most clearly depicted in the one photo of a lone rider, and in the barrida shot.  There is one image of a Peruvian Horse doing what Peruvian Horses do naturally. It is a beautiful shot that represents the Peruvian Horse's natural inherent arrogance and spirit. 

I did replace one image, and the replacement is up on the site and live now.

Our goal is to create a visually dynamic story with captivating photos that will make the site visitors say to themselves..." I want a Peruvian Paso Horse", while at the same time being true to the Peruvian Horse breed.

Thank you for pointing out that Wordpress was designated as the CMS (content management system) for the new NAPHA website.  The decision by the NAPHA board to go with a pre-designed theme offered considerable savings vs going with a custom designed site, without any sacrifice to aesthetics.  The content management system will allow for simple and easy updates by existing NAPHA staff or volunteers and will reduce the need for professional website maintenance, which will also minimize site maintenance costs.  

How are you judging what is a negative comment?

Is it any comment not agreeing with your point of view?

"It is discouraging to the rest of us.." Who is the rest of us? Were you appointed to speak for other people?

"Frankly, I do not always want "discussions" that constantly point out faults."  If faults exist as admitted in this statement, is it not best to point out and discuss those faults. How else can faults be corrected.

"Please take my words seriously and let's try to commend the work that has been accomplished." Try to commend? If the NAPHA does good work then one need not try to commend but one will wish to freely commend the good work.

"many will stop reading this stuff and commenting, as I will in the future." One should not speak for others unless authorized to do so. If you stop reading and commenting, it is your choice. I hope you will not do so. Frankly there is very little discussion of a topic on PHW. More participation would be great.

To have a balance and discussions necessarily requires different points of view exist. I wish more people would choose to add their points of view on topics posted here. Labeling someones comments as negative is not the way to encourage a free exchange of ideas.

I say the Paso llano is mosty missing because it is mostly missing. The one horse shows it. I would not say the barrida photo is  great  at depicting the paso llano.

Good job on removing the trotting horse photo. However I am not understanding the combination of three photos in one replacing it. What is the message being presented by this new photo? It certainly is not the Peruvian horse gait.

There also is very slight mention in the page text of the most important quality of the Peruvian horse, the lateral gait. Just saying "The gait of the Peruvian Horse is passed 100% to its offspring. Peruvian Horses often look as if they are on parade." does little to inform viewers about the gait. This statement is meaningless as any horse gets it's gait 100% from it's parents.It tells nothing about what kind of gait is inherited or the type of gait of the Peruvian horse.

"There is one image of a Peruvian Horse doing what Peruvian Horses do naturally." Sure Peruvian horses can gallop. I would like to see what Peruvian horses do naturally that being a lateral gait, a paso llano.

It is true not all photos are taken with the concern for exactness or perfection. It is true not all photos are appropriate for display on the home page of the leading U.S. association and thus one of the main places people may seek information about the Peruvian horse.

It then becomes vital to present the Peruvian horse in a way that highlights it's most important quality, the smooth lateral gait. When the NAPHA has failed to do so, it needs to be called on it. I do not know the NAPHA reason for this, deliberate or not it does not display the Peruvian horse in it's lateral gait.

Given the NAPHA failure since it's start at positively promoting the Peruvian horse it lends to wondering why the NAPHA does such things.

Can we blame this on prejudice and the "Americanization" of a foreign breed?  The saddest part of any breed is that usually in less than 20 years any breed succombs to many changes that stray from its origin.    What was once known as the purest of the pure is losing it to those who want to change it to other breed standards.  Its just like when big money comes into the breed.. the breed is lost due to the eye elsewhere.

I looked on the NAPHA home page and didn't see the trotting horse photo... but I did see the gray horse having a wonderful time galloping around his pasture. I believe the photo is of RDS Tabernero+. If so, he is an amazing stallion. At 25 years of age, he is still breeding, showing in performance classes and exhibiting the strength and longevity we all want for our Peruvian horses. 

One of the most awesome Peruvian Horse demos I ever saw was Charles Melton and AV Mensaje+ at an all breed expo. Charles came racing into the arena and did about a 10 foot sliding sit/stop. He then backed Mensaje backwards at about 20 miles an hour, stopped again and then started a spin that brought all the cowboys in the stands to their feet. Charles showed them a reining display that put "regular" reining horse breeds to shame. The people in the stands didn't know a Peruvian could canter or gallop. They didn't know a Peruvian could rein. They didn't know a Peruvian could do anything but a slow amble (paso llano). They saw the versatility and potential of the Peruvian Horse. The barn area was packed with people wanting to know more about the Peruvian Horse breed.

Too many people think the Peruvian Horse is a weak, limited breed of horse. My daughter uses her Peruvian to run speed, saddle seat, hunt seat and western pleasure. She was WIHA Reserve Grand Champion in in high school. Altivo was the only Peruvian ever in the Wisconsin 4-H and WIHA. She recently started mounted shooting on both her Peruvians. I have a friend who's most cherished and prized polo pony was a half Peruvian mare. Anything you can do with any other breed can be done with a Peruvian!

Yes, we need to talk about the paso llano. It is the signature move for our breed. And even "experienced" Peruvian Horse owners could use a refresher course on paso llano. (How many of you have heard a judge repeatedly ask for "paso llano, please" in the show ring?) But I fear if we limit ourselves to the paso llano, only displaying the paso llano, we will not show the limitless potential of the Peruvian Horse.


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