My Peruvian mare had been bred to an Andalusian when I bought her. My filly is now 4 and a half years old and I have her under saddle. She has been very handy to have as a third horse for family rides. She Gaited laterally the first week of her life, but has not Gaited since. She looks like her Peruvian mother in conformation and has termino when she walks. I have been walking her and trying to push her into a paso llano in order to keep up with our other two Peruvians. She is heavy on the forehand and I am trying to improve her posture.

Has anyone ever had any luck getting a Peruvian Andalusian to paso llano, amble or walk fast enough to keep up with Peruvians on the trail. I am beginning to think she is genetically programmed to trot or jog when she speeds up out of her walk. Strangers on our street have stopped to comment on her termino and ask if she is Peruvian,so she is recognizable as PP.

I am spending all my money on hay, so I am doing her training. She is a good girl and has not been difficult for me to work with. Any training tips would be appreciated. If she hasn't speeded up this riding season I plan to let her jog to catch up with our Gaited girls.


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