Hi Everyone,
I have a Bay Peruvian Paso Mare that turned 15 today.
She had a pretty good sprained ankle last year in September 2008.
Cabriola(my horse) almost always gets lame after I ride her more than a trot.
I really want her back the way she was and I love her so much.
Oh I almost forgot, if anyone wants to help and get more information about when where and why Cabriola got hurt.....Feel free to ask as many questions about Cabriola as you want!!!!!!!!
Thank you O SO much!

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What does your vet say? Have you had the lower legs ultrasounded for soft tissue injury? flex tested? Some injuries take a full year to resolve, especially if ligaments are involved. You probably shouldn't be riding her if she is coming up lame after every session.

You might also want to check into the disease, DSLD...
She has limes diasese right now and the antibiotics is coming in the mail.
Do you have Peruvian Pasos? If you do, well, my Peruvian trots her gait faster in her front legs, and it kinda looks like she favors one of her legs. Thank you for all the help!

Susan: Did you ever chat with Doris Loeffer? She has given me some ideas, maybe if you could....could you talk with her about it? If you don't want to, it's ok. That was just a sugestion!

When I pick up her foot (the one that got sprained) and hold her foot there for awhile she favors it a lot and it hurts her REALLY bad.
I don't know who's advice to take!!!
The Vet's, Doris's, or yours?!!!!
Thank you very much Susan!

How far are you from Cornell? They have a vet clinic. Yes, PWH is quite right, we can give opinions from personal experience, but few of us are Veterinarians.

I've has one purebred Peruvian and currently have a Peruvian x Paso Fino crossbred among other horses.

If you are new to horses, you really need to consult with a vet or two.
is cornell in NY?
I think I'm familier with the name Cornell.
Yes ithica that's right!
Sorry about that, my mind wasn't working correctly.... Haha.
Anyway thank you and I will go to the link you sent me!!!

I would very much enjoy sending you a picture of Cabriola, but I don't know how to send one to you.
Would I send it to your email?
Thank you!


Check my statements, both times, I asked you what your vet said. That is the most important statement you can get. If you don't like your vet get advice from another.

I let my vet know at all times, what I did. For her treatment, he said I was doing the wise thing and I only started working her when he said I could.

Doris Loeffler
Hi Justice-

Thanks for posting your question about your mare's injury here. We have very experienced Peruvian Paso owners here that can offer assistance in many different areas.

In this instance, since your mare has a past injury and is still coming up lame, and we are not a veterinarian "board", I would strongly suggest that you consult with your veterinarian regarding this issue. If you vet has taken ultrasound, etc to determine the extent of the injury, and is not familiar with ligament/soft tissue injury, or with Peruvian Paso horses in general, would be happy to refer you to vet clinics that have worked with many Peruvian Pasos and can offer a second opinion on how to treat your mare.

Our members can offer advice and suggestions based on their own experience, but I feel that in this case veterinarian support would be the best course of action to take to make sure your mare gets a proper diagnosis and treatment protocol.

Laura Mesia
Peruvian Horse World
I will have to tell you what my vet said later.
I'm going out to see Cabriola.
Thanks for replying


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