Hello.   Been awhile.  How's everyone doing?  Hey, I have a question.  My mare is currently on a dry lot due to starting to founder after I got her last spring.  I have an opportunity to change boarding barn and go to a self care place.  However the way it is set up, the horses have free access to come in and out of the lower level of the barn when they want.  I has 5 acres of previous hay field that they would be pastured on.  My mare is currently on Quiessance twice a day.  There is a smaller dry lot, however the other horses would have to come thru it to get to the barn.  Those of you that have sugar sensitive horses,  do grazing muzzles work?  I really would like to move her since she has also developed ulcers on the dry lot due to not having free acess to hay all day.  They are given hay in the morning, then again at night, so there could be days they go 8 hours without any.  New situation, if she tolerates it, she could have pasture 24/7 or at least the majority of the day.  I would plan on bringing her in at night so at least 10 hours a day she'd be off it. Her previous situation before me owning her, she was pastured but I do not know if she had any founder incidents.  Founder wise, the dry lot is working, however stress wise it isn't. 


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