Interested in attending any Peruvian Paso horse events in Florida .. or any stables that offer trail riding and or lessons on Peruvian Paso horses. I first saw the Peruvian Paso horse some 7 years ago when I was visiting the town of Paijan, Peru just outside of Trujillo. I was visiting a grower (I work in international ag) and it turned out that he (Anibal Vasquez) was a world famous breeder of champion Peruvian Paso horses .. with Sol de Paijan .. as his most famous horse.

He gave us a very nice display of his horses .. had a hand get 8-10 horses out of the stable and showed us their incredible gait. Now living in Central Florida I am interested in doing some riding initially, and possibly purchasing a horse to board at a local stable that has a lot of trails. Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Rick! There's a show in Miami March 2-3. More info here:

Thanks... planning on attending. Looking forward to it.

Hi Rick, 

You met one of the best breders in the world, and a wonderful man, Anibal! Great family with generations of breeding Peruvian horses. 

You might want to contact Criadero JGS  - - I don't know if they do lessons, but they are fairly active with their peruvian horses doing lots of trail rides and social events. Juvy Pina is putting on the show in Miami and he can probably get you in touch with people in your area. Hi email is 



Kelly .. thanks so much for your response and the contact for Juvy. Will get in touch and will also attend the show. Anibal is a jewel .. his son was a professional bullfighter .. one of the youngest in the world .. started at 13. His grand daughter and her husband live in Miami and were friends of mine for several years before I met Anibal .. small world. 


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