I tried posting this once and somehow it disappeared.  We currently own 5 registered Peruvian horses, however, we are always interested in gleaning more information out of people that have dealt with this breed for awhile.  We are traveling from Missouri to San Diego in March and would very much like to tour a Peruvian Horse Ranch.....are there any ranches available close to San Diego?

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Hi Debbie, 

I don't know of anyone right in San Diego, but there are several ranches about an hour away in the Temecula, Menifee, Hemet area. There is also a regional show where most of those in that area will likely be competing in Temecula on March 19-20 (http://www.napha.net/2015-napha-approved-shows/

Check out Frank & Merlene Sutalo, Jorge Valenzuela, Janic Arllentar, Bonnie Gallegos, Joy Gould, Jim & Jo Dykema, Jody Childs, Clyde and Robin James - just a few people off of the top of my head in that area. 




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