The August 15-17, Northwest Peruvian Horse Show in McMinnville, OR is fast approaching. PHW does not promote this show. The front page rotating banner has shows already held including two foreign shows. Why is the banner not up to date and why does it not give promotion to the Northwest show? It is a NAPHA approved show. NAPHA needs to promote the US industry first and keep up to date.

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You know what Brad? You are 100% right! And we are working to reallocate resources to make sure that the site is updated in a more timely manner and more frequently. 

It is not a secret that NAPHA is working on a small budget, and we have a lot of social media to cover. Check out our facebook page:, and you will see that we are promoting this show there.  

Social media resources are spread pretty thin, but like I mentioned, NAPHA is taking steps to maximize the budget they work with, and continue to make decisions to bring on additional volunteer/resources to make the most out of the budget they do allocate to social media.

Kudos to NAPHA for providing this free resource to all of its members and Peruvian Horse enthusiasts worldwide. NAPHA has owned PHW for a little over a year, and PHW is not the only social outlet that is being managed under the "Social Media" umbrella.  Our facebook page has just as many members as the PHW page, and we have a following on Twitter.  We need to stay on top of it all, and as I mentioned, this is something that NAPHA is currently actively working on improving.

NAPHA keeps adding new benefits to its members on a very tight budget, which is not an easy task. In the past year, they have rolled out a new website, an automated Joy of Riding Program, and added PHW. These are not small undertakings for a small organization, and it does take time to realize the full potential and maximize resources to handle all of these new additions.

NAPHA is working hard for its members. The promotion of every regional show is important. You will find this show promoted on the home page of the NAPHA site, and on PHW's facebook page, linking back and promoting the NAPHA website.

Stay with us and watch as NAPHA continues to improve and continues to bring more benefit and value to its members.


Laura Mesia

PHW Admin


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