You don't have to wait to for some else to promote your event on the internet. Peruvian Horse World is an amazing tool for YOU to promote your upcoming Peruvian Horse events. Want to add your event to the PHW events calendar and have it appear in a prominent position on the Home page and on the Events page? Simply scroll down the left of the Home page and click on “Add an Event” OR click on the Events tab and click +ADD button on the right next to your name.

Follow the steps and fill in the details. Decide if you want to make the information public or private. If you leave the event public, everyone on the site can see your event and RSVP. If you make your event private, you “invite” who can view your event and RSVP. Then click “Add Event”. The PHW site walks you through all your options and reminds you if you missed something!

Club ride? Add it to PHW! Open house (or barn)? Add it to PHW! Upcoming show? Add it to PHW! It’s quick and easy. You can add attachments with maps, registration forms, educational materials, show premiums and much more. This underutilized tool is just one of many great benefits to being part of the Peruvian Horse World community! 

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Awesome post Michele! Yes, we highly encourage everyone to post their Peruvian Horse related events on the calendar. If anyone needs ANY help in getting an event posted, just contact the PHW Admin at  We will assisst you in getting it set up, we are here to help.


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