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I wanted to let you know that my horse 9 year old Peruvian Paso Rosee has DSLD in her back legs. In 1 month's time, she had been severly lame 3 times (ie, not able to walk at all), so after the 3rd time of seeing this, I decided to let my vet know that I wanted to do PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) for her. I decided to skip the shockwave treatment, just based on my research. I was going to do Stem Cell, but that was too expensive for me right now.

(PRP is Plasma Rich Platelets where they take the horses own blood, spin it to seperate it, and inject the plasma into the horses lesion. According to my research online, there is about a 74% chance for the horse to heal sound).

So my vet came out to do PRP, he found that with 1 month of light walking and stall rest that her ligament has got worse, he said that 1/3 of the outside ligament has the lesion on it and a new lesion was starting to form on the outside left leg. We did PRP (I won't go into the details unless you want to know), but the next day, I was expecting her not to be able to walk and to my surprise, she was totally fine, light heat and standing evenly on both back legs!!!!

Today she is still a little warm with slight swelling, but nothing like I had expected it to be. My vet mentioned to ice where there is heat and swelling and stall rest for 3 or more days then really light walking out of the stall and then continued light walking. We are going to do PRP one more time to insure that Rosee's body and ligament takes the PRP injection.

If you have any more questions about PRP or are interested in Rosee's update, please let me know and I can keep you updated.

Thank you.


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Good luck with PRP. Have a look at this video regarding similar treatment carried out on a pony here in Spain in the last couple of months. Encouraging story for all to read.





I am curious what feed this horse is on.  I feel their may be a dietary connection as well.



Hi Jody,


Thank you for responding.  Rosee is on orchard grass hay 1 flake in the morning, 1 flake in the afternoon, and 1/2 flake of alfalfa at night.  She grazes throughout the day so she always has hay left over.  She also gets a bucket at night:  Strategy (a low starch and low sugar feed), Omega Fields Horseshine, a pro-biotics, vita-calm since she can't be out of her stall running like before, and olive oil to mix.


I would love to hear your opinion on this.



Thanks for the video Gordon, amazing and very encouraging.






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