I have been researching my recently-acquired Peruvian's bloodlines and am stumped.  Does anyone out there know what ranches/stables used the initials RE and R-L?  Is there any resource out there that provides a directory of Peruvian ranches/stables? I have found some ranch listings but nothing that shows the initials used, and nothing historical (ie, including ones that are no longer in business).   I appreciate any insight anyone can provide.  Thanks!

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Have you tried NAPHA?  They should have a record of all the registered ranch initials.  When a new ranch applies for their own ranch initials, NAPHA has to check to make sure no other ranch is already using them.   NAPHA's website is at http://www.napha.net



I have been on that site.  They have a listing of current ranches, but do not show the initials used, nor do they have a database of ranches that are no longer in business (such as Hickory Hill in LA) While I could pay $50 to access their pedigree site, that isn't really what I need---I already have their pedigrees through allbreedpedigree.com.  They may be checking when they assign the initials, but they don't appear to be communicating that to anyone......and the initials aren't always obvious.  For instance, Hickory Hill apparently used F-P as it's initials.  There is no way I would know that intuitively--I figured it out from poring over old show results posted on line.   

horsestudbook.com doesn't have a list of breeders initials included.  They used to be listed in the printed studbook.  R-L was Rancho Libertad and Suzanne Bence (I'm pretty sure!)  - she hasn't been around for a long time, was in California.


Also - many pedigrees are not completely correct on allbreedpedigree.com - just as an fyi, you can't trust them completely, nor can you trust all the photos that were uploaded there.  Someone for a while was stealing photos off many website and putting them up there without permission from copyright holders and uploading a lot of pedigrees.

I contacted Arlynda at NAPHA's office, and the ranch initials RE belonged to Joe & Donna Cole of Iowa, they later retired in AZ, and have not been in the breed for some time.


Arlynda told me that you can purchase a full pedigree from NAPHA for $10 if you were interested, or if you  have any other questions related to your horses, she said you can email her at arlynda@napha.net.



Kelly, thanks for the reply and info on Rancho Libertad...that's very helpful!  I appreciate the caution on the pedigree--although what I have found for the most part seems to correspond with the limited lineage information I got from the previous owner.  I will keep that in mind. 


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