does anyone have a photo they can share of how to properly hold the reins when riding with the traditional romel reins? one handed. This is new to me and I am just not sure how to hold them properly. I am sure I will have plenty of other questions as I go along here, so thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge. I am a QH gal, who has now transitioned to the Peruvian!


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Find what is comfortable and works for you. Just a few examples. Maybe someone will show better examples.

The proper, elegant and refined way.

Thanks Brad for the prompt reply. on a side note, I was the one interested in purchasing the red poncho and scarf, can a person wear a colored poncho in a show? or does it need to be white?

That brown pancho should be fine. Here are the NAPHA show rules on color.

"a poncho (which must be white, beige, brown, tan or gray or a solid color (gaudy colors or prints are not allowed). Alternating, broad stripes must be of neutral colors - i.e. white, beige, brown, black, gray, etc. Ponchos may be no larger than to adequately fit the height and arm span of the wearer."

Looking at that rule I guess any solid color is ok with the subjective qualifier of gaudy colors. Who would judge which is a gaudy color and what criteria would make a color gaudy. And what is allowed for stripes when it says " i.e.  ... etc" ?

Just me again... check this pic. The way I'm holding my hands in the photo are the same way I rode. Off hand on my thigh. Romal wrapped to the back of my leg sort of "kept" behind my foot/stirrup. BUT you certainly could have the romal running through your off hand and tucked behind your leg as well. Either is acceptable. As far as ponchos go... I have seen some beautiful deep burgundy ponchos and dark purple ponchos in shows, even at Nationals.


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