I have a 5 yr old gelding whose sire is Peruvian and whose dam is Paso Fino. I've seen on the NAPHA website that I can register him in the Peruvian registry. Has anyone done this? How easy or hard is it? He does take after his sire more than his dam.

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Hello Peggy,

Just give the Canadian Livestock Records Corp a call. Speak to LauraLee Mills. She handles all the NAPHA registrations. She can tell you  everything you need to know. 613-737-7110  ext. 314. They are handling a lot of the work via email now. It makes thing go much faster. I just registered a 3 year old who hadn't been registered as a foal. I also transferred the registration of another horse. I emailed all the info and photos. I had the DNA form the next day for the new registration! Less than a month and both horses are registered including the DNA verification. LauraLee and the CLRC ROCK!

Thanks, Michele. I'll give her a call the beginning of this next week.


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