Well two different vets have cleared Danny (Chico de Joya) of any pain issues or ulcers.  Both of them have commented that his confirmation is good.  These are two different vets, two different locatations many months apart.  They both also stated "Put him to work"  "Get a trainer"  I wish I had more faith in trainers.  I have sent two different horses to two different trainers only to have the problem not solved.  The trainers  taught me how to deal with it.  Both were bucking up issues similiar to Chico.  However, Chico is not as bad as these other horses. I can stop him from bucking up and now that I know it is not a pain issue I can have more confidence.  I think he might have experienced pain in the past because he did have irritiation on his hoof because they were so long.  Perhaps his attitude derives from that.  i know this much, those people who state that horses dont have bad attitudes are seeing what they want to see.  My Freckles came back and tried to take over the herd, if you want to see attitude, you need to see Freckles.   I am going to go back to the beginning and treat Danny Chico like a green horse.  I have picked up  a little of his history and I dont think much time was spent training him or riding him before he was left to starve in a pasture.  

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