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Thank you, all of you, Lorraine, Michele, and Brad.  I would not have had the courage to do all of this at the age, and weight I am now.  None of what all of you have discussed with me is taken lightly.  I am hoping to move out of.the round pen this weekend, when I am convinced that I can flex him without having to pull.  I want to see more inside eye as we curve around the pen.  Danny stands so patiently for me to get on and off.  He stands still till.I tell him to walk on

Gosh, if he will remain steady and willing I will be so grateful.  Could I possibly dream that he Wil'll make an excellent trail horse.  There is.going to be an obstacle clinic in Luling not too far from where I live March 14 and 15.  My goal is to take Danny and the mare.  I sure.hope we will be ready.  

Whooohoooo again! That's awesome!

Hmmmmm... based on the shape of that bit, I bet he's "looking" for the Peruvian bit. Really similar shanks, sweet copper mouth. You can get the Peruvian bit with either 2 or 6 copper rollers. (bunch of varieties with steel rollers, horses seem to like the copper better) Crescent Moon Ranch used to sell a Peruvian bit with a mullen mouth. I have several Peruvian bits with no spoon, just 2 really fat copper rollers and one small roller for tongue relief in the middle. Alberto Lummis used to sell those. I have also seen a double ball jointed Peruvian bit with a copper roller in the middle and mouth guards. LOTS of options...


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