REWARD for address and phone of owners of a 1997 bay mare named SOF ALPHA - $1000

REWARD $1000 for the contact information of current owners of a 1997 Peruvian Paso mare named SOF Alpha.  Consigned/ sold by Phoenix Ranch in NYS in the mid/late 2000s.   I know this is a far out possibility, but I have been looking for who might now own a small 1997 bay mare named SOF Alpha - she was easy to ride, very sweet, and calm calm calm (so I wouldn't be surprised if she went to a home with kids). She was very special to me, and I have been unable to get the information on who she was sold to during a time of my life that I could no longer have a horse. She is an old lady now, and I'd love to know how she is (and offer a retirement home in the pasture if needed). Registry posted. Sold in NYS about mid to late 2000s on consignment with Phoenix Ranch (owners of ranch passed away). Whoever has her, has not removed my name from papers - so I have no leads. Please share. It broke my heart to let her go, but I was diagnosed with "the C" and am grateful to now be healthy.  Books/registry have already been checked, no info.   I have messaged the remaining family at Phoenix Ranch, and no response as of yet.  She responded to the name "Alpha", so I don't think her name would have been changed.   Please message me, or email      PS, I have already been in touch with Mero family, as well as Jane Holdren that owns Alpha's daughter, Gracie.   No concrete information on Alpha's whereabouts have surfaced yet.    

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