Does the silver gene exist in the Paso Breed ?

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Interesting question... i have often wondered that myself, looking at some of the colors

Me too. I have a mare with silver mane and tail and part of the body as well. If she isn´t silver, she would be sooty palomino. I just think she has far too much silver to be a palomino

Do you have pics of the mare you're talking about? 

I agree with Susan.  If the horse was registered in USA they will have her dna and can do a test for silver for about US$35 (I think).  Otherwise I'm sure there would be a lab in your country that did it.  It would be well worth doing, then you would know for sure.

It's so cool to see how much of the world the PP is now in.

Here is a picture of the mare. It is not the best, but it is the only one I have so far. I just bought her ;o)

She looks like a silver bay, but I can't be sure without seeing a pic that includes her legs.

uc davis color genetics


They can test for the siver gene. perhaps other labs closer to you do the testing also

I wonder if the old stallion MJM Medallion De Oro is a silver black. I met him as a horse crazy teen when he was about 3 years old (and his owners, the MacNeils). At the time I don't think silver genetics were really known, they referred to his color as "chocolate palomino." 

Does anyone know if he ever produced silver offspring?


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