Ok, can someone give me some ideas to slow down my girl at the walk. It seems like she is more then happy to do the Paso Llano, but when I ask her to slow to the walk she gets very frustrated, will sometimes shake her head, get slightly light in the front, especially out on the trail. She does this inside the arena as well as out on the trail. I have started trying to just walk her, no gait, but any other helpful hints.?

Kathy and Fantasia

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Is she this way the entire time you ride her or just at the beginning of a ride.  If it's at the beginning, I'd say she's probably just full of it.  Let her get it out of her system, then try slowing her.  My mare is much better if you just let her make the once around the arena at her chosen speed then she's ready to work.  

We also had to work with her on a lead to slow down.  Just her natural walk, we'd be having to almost run along side her.  Since she's boarded and sometimes brought in at night by an elderly gentleman, she needed to learn to slow it down.  When she starts picking up speed, we give her a couple quick shakes of the lead and remind her to slow it down.  


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