Does anyone have a video of the sobreandando?


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Unfortunately your list members still would not understand even if you were able to post a correct video. THis is based on the comments over years by them. They will continue to folloow what their mentor Lee Ziegler says. And she was pretty clueless about the Peruvian breed and was corrected more than once privately by PP judges on the information in her book. However, she was in the process of correcting her nistakes when she passed away.
Yes, if anyone has a nice clean video clearly depicting sobreandando or paso llano with a narrative, it would be nice to have. If not, please let me know if anyone would be willing to produce such a video. I'd like to have them displayed in an area for people just starting to learn about the Peruvian Horse.

Ice Ryder, thanks for asking for this!
Laura - I have seen a DVD from Bentwood Place with Dr. Gail Benson explaining the gaits very clearly. Maybe you could get a clip from that for the site?
This video shows sobreandando:
Its a video from the champagne challenge at the 2008 Fiesta of the Spanish Horse. Coronado is in a sobreandando the majority of the demo, but especially towards the end. Also shows difference between the Paso Fino and Peruvian Gaits.


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