In an effort to continue to provide the best user experience for our members and site visitors, Peruvian Horse World has updated it's Terms of Service with some additional membership guidelines.

The addition is as follows:

All individual members must use their own identity when joining Peruvian Horse World. Members may not use aliases or false names when joining Peruvian Horse world in order to hide their true identify.

Peruvian Horse Associations, Peruvian Horse Clubs, Peruvian Horse Organizations may use their organizational name when joining Peruvian Horse World. An organization must list a designated contact person in their organizational profile.

Any member or organization that fails to comply will have their profile removed from Peruvian Horse World.

The addition of this membership rule will help to reduce the possibility of members who join with the intention of creating spam content on the site, and improve user experience on Peruvian Horse World.

All individual members who are currently using an alias will have 30 calendar days to update their profile. Over the next 30 days we will be sending out reminder emails to give everyone the opportunity to update their profile page. Any member who is not in compliance after 30 calendar days will have their profile removed from Peruvian Horse World.

The updated Terms of Service can be viewed here:

If you have any questions or comments about the updated Terms of Service, please respond to this post, or email for assistance.

Thank you,

Peruvian Horse World

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