Oct. 16th - 18th 2009
Oregon Horse Center
Eugene, OR

Trail Course Clinic

For several years now, OHC has had these wonderful clinics for trail folks, to help get your horses through water, over bridges, rocks, through trees, down into narrow passages, etc., including, cows!

This was the year to take TTR Shalimar. I am so glad I did. It was fun seeing so many of my friends and riders. We had three Peruvians at this clinic. Nancy with her Peruvian Bella and her Arab Zippo, Lyn on her Peruvian, Humo and myself on TTR Shalimar.

Then friends Suzanne rode her Paso Fino, Echo, Justine on her Palomino Walker, Dillon and Alice on her Quarter Horse.

Mavis, Dianna and Don, some of our other riders, joined us out in the stands to watch and encourage us on.

click on link below to watch the video:


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If this ever happens in N. Calif. I hope I will know about it!

Hi Rhiannon:

We have a lot of folks that drive up from CA to go to this. They do these clinics and then compete through out the year. Keep an eye on my website for their schedules.

Doris Loeffler

May We Always Have,



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