Is there any reason to not ride a Peruvian Paso horse using a well-fitted Western saddle?

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Hi Marion-

That is a great question, and also one of the most frequently asked questions about riding a Peruvian Horse.

As long as the saddle is properly fitted to the horses back, any saddle can be used to ride.  Regarding Western Saddles, a rounded skirt or small skirt is best.  You do not want the saddle skirt to impinge on the horses shoulder movement or impair the horses natural movement.

Besides traditional Peruvian tack, people ride using Australian saddles, English/Dressage, Western, etc.  As long as it fits your horse and your horse is comfortable, you are ready to ride!

Laura Mesia

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your reply. The question was asked by our daughter (Ruth DeGennaro) who recently pirchased a 4 year old Peruvian Paso gelding with minimal training. She is seeking additional information  , especially aspects that are unique to the Peruvian. Do you have any resources you would recommend? She has the 3 dvd's from Pamela Lopes (Chico, CA) , but good references to seek information from seem elusive. Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated.


I will print and send her your message.


Marion DeGennaro

Hi Marion-

I'm happy we could help answer her question.  Regarding training DVD's there are a couple of other training DVD series you might want to look into as well:

Cheryl Aldrich of Raintree Tack, had a training series called "Doma Natural" with trainer Bruno Pasini. I'm not sure if she still carries them, but her website is at:

Another good resource would be a DVD training series from La Estancia Alegre. The offer a dvd series with their trainer Roberto Quiandria.  Here is their info:


Laura Mesia

Great question! I have often asked this with no answer. I currently use a barrel racing saddle with a rounded skirt and my Peruvian mare does great with it. I also have a gaited western saddle that fits my other peruvian mare and it's a great fit for her as well.


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