Judge Mero,

Thank you for taking the time out to be our featured judge. I'd like to wrap up the month with a final question for you:

With the 2009 show season approaching, what recommendations would you make to help exhibitors and their horses be well prepared and have the best show experience?


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I would like to thank PHW for the opportunity to be involved in this forum and also to all that asked questions. Thank you and good luck to all in the 2009 show season and happy New Year.

In answer to your question – the best advice I can give is simply time in the saddle. Be certain that both you and your horse are well conditioned for the job/#of classes that you intend to enter. For the best experience both the rider and the horse must be able to show with ease and not become exhausted. Keep in mind the more you win the more you ride. You must also remember not to over work your horse in the warm-up ring; training is done at home not at the show. Conditioning is # 1 however, when you begin your training for the show/trail season you need to start out slow and build up. 2-3 hours of relaxed trail riding does not equal 1 hour of collection in the show ring. You don’t want your horse working on heart alone and remember the Peruvians Brio is second to none.


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