Please give me your detailed view of the performance horse. What is an optimal circle? What do optimal cones look like? What other factors rate highly when horses in the ring are evaluated against each other for placings in the performance class?

Thank you!

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Hi Jody,
In regards to the circles, I would be looking for a horse and rider who perform it almost invisibly, the circles should be near perfect with a proper bend in the horse and should be on top of each other or the second one slightly inside. This should be performed by a horse that is willing and happy to perform. Your signals should be invisible to me as the judge.
As far as the serpentine or cones go, this should be a series of half circles, balanced on both sides. This should be performed with proper bend, ease of movement and a willing partnership between horse and rider.
For an overview let me say the perfect performance team will be very unnoticeable to me. Meaning, they shall work like two hearts with one mind.
Thanks for the question and I hope this helps.
Absolutely and I really appreciate the simple yet profound way you have answered this question.


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