Hi Rick! I know this question has probably been beaten to death, however, I would like to ask you your thoughts about the sometimes comparisons made between performance horses and breeding horses who enter both classes....do you, when judging performance classes, base your placements strictly on the 'performance of the horse and rider', rather the qualities of the horses per se? I am a firm believer in the performace classes being just that..performance and not the quality of the horse been ridden in that particular class...when a judge places a horse as champion in performance that means to me that the horse was the best 'performing' horse in that class. Just wondering what your thoughts are? And one more question: do you think, as a judge, that at the National Show, there should be a class that pits the champion of champions from all/any regional shows that have taken place throughout the show season against each other for the grand title of CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS BREEDING STALLION .....my opinion only, but I think it would really mean something if the National Show winner was chosen from amongst his peers rather than any horse elegible to enter that class on that day.

Best, Pam

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Hi Pam,
Great to hear from you! Thanks for the questions, and Happy Holidays
Regarding Performance, My opinion is that it is a team, two hearts and one mind. However, decisions can come down to a choice between equal working teams and the essence of the Peruvian horse. Judges must always keep in mind that the winners and champions should still capture the heart and soul of a Peruvian horse.

My thoughts on Champion of Champions is very simple – there is already in place the ability of all Champions and Champion of Champions from regional shows to compete against each other in the champion and reserve class at the national level. This allows all regional champions to compete for the title of champion of the year at national level. Champion of Champion at the national level should be reserved for the best of the best.
Hey Rick! Happy Holidays to you too!

Thanks for answering my questions....I agree with you that it is a team in the performance classes...horse and rider should be one. I like that you said that the winners and champions must still capture the essence of the Peruvian horse, heart and soul. You gave a very thoughtful reply.

Another question: When horses are working the rail, and riders try to make corrections on the corners, and their horse wants to dog track or is slightly off, what do you think of making the horses work out from the rail a few feet in order to see if they are tracking true and are in gait without bobbling on the corners? At some shows I have seen horses that cannot work as well out from the rail as they do up close to it...it seems that they use the closeness of the boards as a balancing tool...Your thoughts?
Sorry for the delay in answering your question, I was under the weather. So in answer to your question - I find not just some but the majority of horses are using the rail as a crutch. No matter how kind I try to be about this, it simply boils down to rider/trainer error. If you don’t use a rail you don’t need a rail to allow a horse balance in both directions.
The easiest way for me to see the individuals with this problem is by standing deep in the corner. First, I have the ability to see horses coming and going and they are forced off the rail in the corner. The loss of balance between horse and rider is then open on the straight away. For me seeing the loss of suppleness is one of my greatest disappointments in the arena. This is almost always caused by human error. But in defense of all it is a very easy trap to fall into.
Thanks for question and have a great day.
Hi Rick! Sorry to hear you were not feeling well, hope you are better now. Thanks for the answers to my questions....I appreciate your insight and experience. It is always good to continue learning.

Take care, Pam


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