I own a big mare who has a tendency to just barely pace. I have heard so many different opinions about how this is judged..or not. We did well our first year together...even a couple of reserve championships in performance class. However, a couple of judges clearly did not acknowledge her. She is very smooth at all times...however, I am still doing work on slight inclines to reduce the pace as much as possible. What's the straight scoop?

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Hello Danell,
This is a double edge sword; The Pace is the mother of gait. However, it is not the preferred gait of the Peruvian horse. But without it we would have no gait at all. As a judge I would have a tendency to overlook any horse in the arena that is pacing rather than gaiting in a true Paso llano.
To correctly diminish the pace, one first has to know and understand where it is coming from, IE. Is it being caused by lack of termino in the front, or is it from a basic overreach in the rear; knowing which end is the culprit will dictate how to remedy. As horses age they will tend to get closer towards the pace. The bottom line is the pace is not a desired gait in the Peruvian horse. Thanks for the question and I hope this was of some help.
Very interesting...She has great front action...and actually, her rear overreach is also good. I have been doing a lot of work in circles, serpintines and work stops with lots of backing. Seems to help. Thank you for your response...very helpful.


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